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Des, 21 yrs young.

The Cape Town company that designs and markets "slave ship" ironing boards and aprons




I finally put a name to the face of the woman wearing the slave ship dress. She still looks so ignorantly happy about it.

My inclination is that the perpetrators’ actions are warning signs—people who flaunt an unnatural ignorance of what behaviors fall far outside of acceptable societal norms and are conspicuously devoid of empathy should be monitored by the government, or failing that, citizens’ groups. Their communications and financial transactions should be scrutinized. These people are dangerous. If they’re not yet criminals they no doubt have the potential to be, and they’re practically screaming about it in public.

To find acceptable the blasé placement of an icon of genocide and unquantifiable human suffering on commercial products is to be someone who does not see and does not respect other people’s humanity. To be the one responsible is worse, inherently dangerous. It is to be incapable of respecting others’ basic human dignity. It is to be someone who lacks what faculties allow most of us to regard others as conscious, individual living persons, each with an inner life, a public life, a family, a history—and a right to be recognized.

In short, those who put the slave ship images on their products do not encounter others as people who can be hurt, but as things, incidental occurrences in a world in which they exist as its sole thinking, feeling entities.

This depiction is an act or declaration of violence, and while it alone is not against the law, it’s no stretch to think a person who commits a trespass of this kind could only avoid committing others by luck.

In case anyone forgot, here’s the image of the woman wearing the fucking SLAVE SHIP APRON. You can PHYSICALLY see the bodies on the print:

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Peruvian woman expresses her real feelings about having her photo taken by tourists.

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iPhone Wallpapers: SZA #GSDesigns

these are perfect.

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Shrishti School of Performing Arts annual program of 2012 ~ charulatha.com.

Shrishti is run by Charulatha Jayaraman.

Charulatha Jayaraman is an outstanding award-winning performer and teacher in the field of Bharathanatyam.

She is the founder and Artistic Director of Shrishti School of Performing Arts (or “Shrishti”) in Orange County, CA.

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world’s baddest females here

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Brownskin girls skin be looking so smooth and soft bruh. Smh. Love yall.

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